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Cook Like a VT Local

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Cook Like a VT Local with a Bread-Making Lesson

***Next lesson is on 8th November***

The VT Foodies and The Breadhouse have teamed up and are offering bread making lessons in Veliko Tarnovo. Here, you will get the opportunity to make ‘pitka’, a traditional Bulgarian round bread and Cook Like a VT Local.

Bulgarians take huge pride in making their bread and it is a vital part of every meal. Festivals and special celebrations will usually have a particular bread to baked for the event and when you make your own bread, you’ll learn so much more about bread and it’s symbolism to the Bulgarian culture.

Lessons take around one and a half hours and costs 15lv. Get directions here.

 Book a VT Foodies Cookery Lesson

the vt foodies

You can also try cooking other Bulgarian dishes that are featured on the tour: tarator, kavarma and shopska salad. We can also teach you to make the infamous Bulgarian yogurt – Lactobacillus Bulgaricus – but please be aware that because of the length of time it takes, you’ll need to come back the next day to see the finished result.

Each class is prepared to ensure you receive the maximum experience of cooking in combination with learning how each dish is special to Bulgarian cultural cuisine. If there’s a recipe not on our list but you’d like to learn how to cook it, just let us know when you get in touch and we’ll adapt the lesson accordingly.

How to book: 

There are 4 ways to book a tour: You can phone us on (000359) 0896842427 – contact us through our Facebook page, email us at or use the contact form below.

All cookery lessons are only 15lv per person!