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Tarator – таратор

Bulgarian food

Tarator is a simple, no fuss cold soup, favourited by Bulgarians as a summer starter but can be made for any time of the year. Loved for its curative qualities, it’s quick to make and involves zero cooking. Using fresh ingredients alongside the infamous Bulgarian yogurt (but any natural yogurt will do), it makes for a healthy and refreshing beginning to a meal or as a compliment to a salad regardless if you’re eating fish, meat or vegetables.

What Gazpacho is to the Spanish, Tarator recipes differ according to each of the Balkan or Middle Eastern countries; some preferring to substitute tahini instead of yogurt. It’s versatility also means you can dilute with water for a soup or make it thicker and use for a dip.

Bulgarian food tarator

What You Need:

500g of yogurt

2 cucumbers

3/4 garlic cloves

small bunch of dill

3/4 crushed walnuts (optional)

2tp olive oil

Choose to part peel the cucumbers or leave the skin on and cut up into small cubes (don’t grate them as it will turn them into mush!). Mix in the crushed walnuts, garlic and chopped dill and pour over the yogurt. Add salt and olive oil and leave to chill before serving. You can add water to the Tarator if you want to have more of a soup consistency or leave as it is.

It’s that easy!

Bulgarian food tarator