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Tag: Museum of House of Humour and Satire

Museum of House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo

‘The World lasts because it laughs.’ As you come into the town of Gabrovo from the north, you’d be forgiven not to realise that the former leather factory you pass is actually the Museum of House of Humour and Satire. Read more…

Gabrovo Carnival

  Despite the drizzling May rain, everyone on the streets of Gabrovo is enthused in anticipation for the carnival’s procession: music is being played from the park’s stage and can also be heard from the surrounding streets by the troupes Read more…


Gabrovo is renowned for being the Bulgarian capital of humour and the Gabrovan people have long been the object of many Bulgarian jokes as being stingy with spending their money. Its population has taken this reputation of frugality with good Read more…

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