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Tag: Communism

Monument of Bulgarian-Russian Friendship, Varna

Climbing through a small hole in the wall that someone has hammered out just enough bricks to squeeze through, I am starting to have second thoughts about what’s ahead of the darkness on the other side. One by one, and Read more…

Monument to the Soviet Army, Sofia

Taking a stroll around the oldest park in Sofia amongst the skaters and young drinkers, a huge monument is the only view that really draws your attention. Standing at 34 feet, it portrays a Bulgarian man (worker) and woman (peasant) Read more…


A friend recently found these postcards lying in a dirt track in her village…a piece of history abandoned. Depicts Lenin in May 1919/20 in Moscow Lenin, a photo by dibach on Flickr.

Buzludzha Monument

Walking up the steep hill towards the Buzludzha Monument, a large, dark outline encases you from above and the closer you get to the building, the more you feel its oppressive feeling. From a distance, the concrete relic is akin Read more…