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Samovodska Night Bazaar

This year’s Samovodska Night Bazaar festival on 19th September promises to be an even bigger affair than previous years with more involvement from Bulgaria’s cultural heritage supporters and includes local artisans demonstrating their crafts during the day with traditional live music being played for the evening’s performance.


One of the biggest additions to the festivities is huge collection of folk costumes from more than sixty women’s and children’s authentic clothing being on display from many ethnographic regions throughout Bulgaria. To complement the beautiful, embroidered garments, there will be commentaries and stories from behind the costumes and their accessories, some of which are over a hundred years old and belong to the private collections from Angel Nizamski of Sofia and Petar Georgiev of Dolna Oryahovitsa.

For anyone who has visited Samovodskata Charshiya before, you’ll know it as one of Veliko Tarnovo‘s most famous streets littered with local craftspeople working their skills, whether it be food or pottery, or other traditional techniques using copper, silver and wood. This Saturday, the old, cobbled market street will be lit up by coloured lanterns to guide you through the exhibits, shops and eateries and, as night-time falls, you can listen to live music hosted by a ladies’ quartet and join in with the festive fun.

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 The itinerary is as follows:
11.00 to 16.00 pm. – School of crafts for children and adults
17.00. – Awarding certificates of the children passed through the Summer School of Crafts
18.00. – Review of authentic costumes
20.00. – Concert Group ETNOTIX


For more information, head to their Facebook Page here.