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Roman Day at Nicopolis ad Istrum


Roman Day at the archaeological reserve,  Nicopolis ad Istrum, was visited by hundreds of people on Sunday and hailed as a great success to what will be a future event to encourage tourism into the village of Nikyup, just north of Veliko Tarnovo.



Visitors to the event saw blacksmiths, potters, archers and coin-makers emulating the skills and rituals from Roman times. Children ran around play-fighting with wooden swords whilst many of the adults enjoyed free food and wine.


If this event had been back in the UK, the ancient stones would be cordoned off and the audience would have had to watch from a distance but this is Bulgaria and people sat around on top of the 2000 year old relics, chatting and waiting in anticipation for the re-enactments from the Legionnaires from Novae.

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The soldiers, dressed in Roman attire and carrying swords and shields, marched through the site before beginning battle demonstrations in front of the large crowds which was accompanied by music and commentary.





A great day out which was organised by Tsarevgrad Tarnovo, the Municipal Tourism Agency, and coincided with the last day of the Veliko Tarnovo International Tourism Fair.

You can check out Nikyup’s Facebook page for more photos and events from the village here.

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