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Prebrazhenski Eco-Trail & Kartal Waterfalls

Beyond the small, cobbled hills of Varusha in the old town of Veliko Tarnovo are well worn paths that will take you on various routes out of the city and into the countryside. Hike through gorges, waterfalls and craggy rock formations and be prepared to immerse yourself in awe-inspiring scenery. Without a map, it’s sometimes pot luck which path to take so you just have to follow your instincts to keep on the right direction although there are occasional red or white trail markings you can follow.

Route 1 from Prebrazhenski Monastery

A good starting point to take is above the Prebrazhenski Monastery. If you follow the track to the left of the Monastery, past the cemetery and travel upwards, you’ll come to the Belyakovo Plateau. There are some steep parts but there is an alternative way around that isn’t so vertically challenged; just be aware that it can be very slippery when it’s muddy! Once at the top, you’ll have the most fantastic views over the rolling landscape that stretches for miles. You can choose to continue north towards the village of Samovodene, or take the route back towards Tarnovo.

Route 2 from Veliko Tarnovo

From Veliko Tarnovo, you can start the route in one of two points – from behind Varusha or at the top of the Kartal district- but so many of the paths intertwine so as long as you know the direction of where you want to go, one of these ways will take you to Prebrazhenski Monastery.  The walk is about 7km and is relatively easy for all abilities of walkers with only a couple of awkward uphill sections. The route will take you through beautiful wooded areas, over rickety bridges, passing along small rivers and the Kartal Waterfalls.

Maps, online or otherwise, of these routes are few and far between but you can buy a map in Bulgarian from the Tourist Information Centre in Veliko Tarnovo for 2lv.


Happy hiking!