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Walking along the isthmus from the new town, you enter the 7000 year old World Heritage Site of Nessebar’s old town through a narrow, stone gateway which stands within the ruined walls of the fortress. Once within this former fisherman’s settlement prepared to be inspired by the fusion of olden culture and architecture which boasts the remains of the Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Numerous ancient churches, an amphitheatre and other remnants all intermingle to make up the landscape on this small, rocky peninsula. A few are preserved but most are in ruins from where visitors can watch beautiful displays of children folk dancing in traditional Bulgarian costumes, a common event during summertime. Contrastingly, making up the rest of the town are restaurants, bars and a lively market where traders sell traditional, handmade wares of pottery, textiles and souvenirs from narrow, cobbled lanes under the shadows of historic wooden houses.

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