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Making a Move to Bulgaria?

It’s funny how a holiday destination becomes the place you want to move to and spend your foreseeable future when you least expect it. Arriving in a new country and spending a vacation there can either blind you from the imperfections and struggles of daily life or make you want to grab them and call them your own. It was the latter that attracted me to Bulgaria and its slower pace of life that harks back to a more traditional way of living. Retire in BulgariaOne that is both inviting and yet still feels adventurous as it is unlike any other European country I had visited previously.

Bulgaria is a relatively small, southwestern country, which borders Serbia, Romania, Macedonia in the north and west, and Turkey, Greece and the Black Sea in the south and east. Although a member of the European Union, the Euro has yet to come here so the economy offers one of the lowest cost of living in Europe. Its improving wealth, albeit slow, is testament to its growing appeal to foreigners, which has increased dramatically in the last ten years or more.

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  • Hello Di, it’s Nia here we met on the plane – great blog I’m going to share it with a few people!

    • Hi Nia, thanks for your kind words and let me know if you come back. Was good to randomly meet you and make the journey more fun! 🙂

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