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Taking a Slow Train Through Bulgaria

Taking a Slow Train Through Bulgaria

It’s the small details–brass coat hooks, tiny semi-circled tables with old fashioned metal ashtrays underneath, which add a civilized edge to the journey and the otherwise shabby interior of this little train carriage. Looking out through thedirty, smudged windows, we Read more…

Travelling Around Bulgaria

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Travelling around Bulgaria can often be a minefield of communication difficulties, juggling timetables and taking slow travel too literally sometimes! However, with more money being spent on the country’s infrastructure, using public transport for different ways to get around is Read more…

Traveling to Bulgaria

Surrounded by Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria is easily accessible to travel to and from by all modes of transport and is a portal connecting Europe with Asia. As member of the EU, border controls are relatively low Read more…

Driving in Bulgaria

  Driving along the main road towards Romania, I had to sharply hit the brakes of my car as I watched, incredulously, as a horse and cart overtook a slow-moving lorry overloaded with logs as the on-coming traffic had to Read more…

10 Coach & Train Tips for Travelling in Bulgaria

Travelling on public transport in Bulgaria can often be frustrating and chaotic, especially with a language barrier, but riding on coaches and trains can make for an enjoyable way to see the country. If you decide to take a  journey Read more…

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