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Benefits of RoseHips

Autumn is the time when you can start foraging for rose hips and prepare them for drying to use throughout the year for a scrumptious tea that will benefit your health too.


Rosehips are the fruit left on wild roses and should be picked when the berries are red and ripe. They have many nutrients but have an extraordinary high amount of Vitamin C which helps to prevent infections and viruses.
• Traditionally, they have been used to thwart colds and flu and boost the immune system.
• They can also assist with cleansing your body of waste through the bladder and kidneys by fending off toxins produced in the body.
• Scientists have been researching the properties of flavonoids within the fruit which helps to alleviate inflammation, aches and even arthritis.
• You can buy rosehip cream use rosewater for your skin but drinking a cup of rosehip tea can greatly benefit by re-hydrating your skin due to its vitamin A content. Additionally, it has been used to limit scars and wrinkles.
• It is also said to help the menstrual flow, headaches, bowel movement and the nervous system.


Rosehips are popular in the kitchen too and can be used fresh or dried.
• Cook for jams and jellies, either on their own or add them to other fruits
• Include them in crumbles, pies, soups and bread recipes
• Make a syrup to take for boosting the immune system
• Brew up a rosehip wine

Making Rosehip Tea

Place chopped rosehips (2 tablespoons) into (one large cup of) water and simmer for around 15 minutes being careful not to boil all the nutrients away. Cover the pan whilst simmering. Strain the fruit (I also mash the leftover pulp to get the maximum effect) and pour to make a fruity cuppa. Add honey to taste if you prefer. You need to double the quantity of rosehips if they are dried.


Seeds can be left in or taken out – I didn’t bother, but removing the hairs within the fruit is necessary as they are said to irritate the stomach.
The fresh rosehips won’t stay fresh forever so it’s best to dry the rest: rinse and cut off the ends of the rosehips. Place them on newspaper and leave to dry until they harden. If you prefer you can squeeze out the seeds and hairs as they’re drying. Place in an airtight container to keep for your daily dose of super boosting tea.