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Benefits of Mint

Having mint plants in your home is one of the most useful plants you can look after. It benefits the home, body and even pets and pests and has been used in traditional medicine for generations.


– Fresh mint is best for teas and cooking; however dried mint can be just as effective.
– Also available is the essential oil but careful to follow the correct amounts of drops and avoid giving to children for most occasions.
– Growing mint is very easy as it spreads quickly so it’s best to keep it in pots to contain its growth.


• Drink mint tea to elevate different kinds of stomach ache; drinking a cup prior to a meal will stimulate your appetite or after a meal for settling a it after a large meal. Also take it for travel sickness, indigestion and nausea.
• We all know that peppermint is used for toothpaste for its positive effects on bad breath but you can chew mint leaves too for the same result. And did you know it can also help with problems in the mouth such as toothache and is even said to whiten teeth?
• When you have a cold or flu, infuse the leaves to relive discomfort or breathe in the fumes for chesty or nasal problems.
• Drink a cup before going to sleep at night and find yourself having a restful night’s rest or a cup if you’re feeling low or stressed to boost your mood.


• Having a mint plant around the garden or home can help to deter flies, midges and even mosquitoes. For serious problems, put drops of the oil and mix with water to spray in your home. In the summer months when the flies are particularly annoying, I used the spray bottle all the time.
• The scent of peppermint oil on an old rag or cotton wool can discourage mice if left around the areas where they hide out.
• You don’t need to have mice to enjoy the scent of mint – place a few plants around the house to act as an air freshener.


I use mint in the kitchen for many, many dishes. It can be added to sweet, savory dishes and for drinks as well.

• Chop up a generous handful of leaves to enhance the flavour of potatoes or your greens such as peas.
• Cook up a delicious sauce or use it as a marinade for meat. Also include it in for curries and rice dishes.
• Add to natural yogurt for a salad dressing or add this to salad potatoes to jazz up your taste buds.
• If you have a sweet tooth like me, use mint with chocolate ice cream or peppermint in chocolate biscuits.
• Wash it all down with a ice cool mojito!