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Bansko Town

Bansko Street by dibach

Bansko town offers a relaxed alternative to careering down the ski slopes and there’s enough on offer to appeal to families, young groups or couples. The centre is actually fairly small so is very easy to navigate yourself around the numerous souvenir and clothing shops. Frequent stop offs in bars and restaurants will either entice you inside with the aromas of traditional food cooking or with the many touters offering special deals on drinks and food and a guaranteed good time.

Bankso Old Town by dibach

To swerve the main tourist streets, follow the top end of Pirin Str for the cobbled streets down towards the old town. You can lose yourself effortlessly through the smaller, well-maintained alleyways with their traditional nineteenth century houses and beautiful mehanas adorning wood and thick stone wall features.

Bansko Traditional Stall by dibach

Passing more restaurants and shops, you eventually hit Vazrajdane Square, the Holy Trinity Church with its towering belfry and the looming Paisiy Hilendarski Monument (pictured below). A small market selling antique and new remnants of communism and traditional Bulgarian relics are on offer from friendly locals trying to compete against the main shops makes for a more traditional street scenePaisiy Hilendarski Monument by dibach

Vazrajdane Square by dibach

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