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Bambook Bamboo, Golden Sands, Varna

Bamboo Bambook, Varna

If you want the experience of the Black Sea Coast but don’t want the full on commercialism that comes with it, book a few nights at Bambook Bamboo and you’ll not want to leave! Following a track up and away from the town of Golden Sands, you’ll eventually come to their superb hostel which has panoramic views of the sea below but all the quietness of rural living.

Bamboo Bambook, Varna

We arrived late in the night so had to wait with anticipation for the views so in the meantime, acclimatised to our rooms which were simply, yet beautifully decorated with mementos from Bali and India adorning the furnishings and walls. All the rooms were spotless and the shared bathrooms had a huge selection of beauty products available to use which makes a difference to the empty shower gel bottles you often see in some hostels!

Bamboo Bambook Varna

But maybe the most endearing aspect about staying in Bambook Bamboo are British owners, Wes and Lynn who were extremely generous in their hospitality and didn’t mind at all when our large group moved in and treated their home as our own. Not only are they very friendly and helpful but went beyond the call of duty when some guests hitching couldn’t get a lift – Wes helped out and drove them back to Romania!

Bamboo Bambook Varna

Bambook Bamboo is only a ten minute walk downhill to the beach which is one of the few free beaches in the Golden Sands area. Walk further away from the town and you’ll come across smaller, quieter little coves which to spend the day by the sea. If you prefer the busier life of Golden Sands resort, the restaurants and bars are only a short walk in the opposite direction.

Bamboo Bambook Varna

Alternatively, head back to Wes and Lynn’s little oasis of tranquility and enjoy the comforts of the terrace over a few bottles of wine and spend your time in great company.


Practicalities: Being as the hostel is a little out of the way, they do local pick ups and drop offs for no extra charge. Breakfast was provided, also free of charge and although there isn’t Wi-Fi they do have internet access which is freely available.

For more information and bookings click here. Unfortunately, they are now going to close over the winter but keep it in mind for next year’s travels!



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