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Gramophone Hostel, Plovdiv

This photo of Hostel Gramophone Plovdiv is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If you want a relaxing sleep, Gramophone Hostel may not be your first choice to stay in while travelling through Plovdiv but if you don’t mind a late night party, this hostel could be the perfect place to rest your head, albeit for a few hours!

Despite the nineteenth century hostel building being centrally based, I managed to walk past its entrance twice before finding the sign – but that could have been me enjoying my first experience of the Plovdiv sights! Walking up the stairs inside, the walls are covered in flyers and posters for gigs, and I felt I had walked into, not a hostel reception, but a club bar. Obviously, I took advantage and had a couple of beers while filling out the necessary documents and chatting to the friendly bar/hostel staff.

hostel gramophone

Later, after dumping my bag off in the modern bunk room and freshening up on the upper floor, one of the boys kindly took me right to the entrance of a local cafe after I asked for somewhere in the area to eat cheaply. It was a great choice: a large glass of wine and a big bowl of soup for less than two Euros! Some hours later, having explored the city centre, I headed back to the hostel to find the previously quiet bar alive and kicking with the sound of live DJs and ravers. Even though I had an early start the next day, the young crowd of local people were so welcoming and chatty, it was another few hours before I finally hit the sack and left the party still in full swing.

gramophone hostel

Gramophone Hostel only has one private room so if you’re travelling to Plovdiv during peak times, it might be best to book in advance. Otherwise the shared bunk rooms and communal areas are clean, spacious and have a modern feel with some great artwork and views include the Plovdiv Drama Theatre.  Breakfast wasn’t included but their room prices are definitely value for money, particularly for being right in the centre of the old town. Plus, you get free entry into the music events, playing a selection of sounds from reggae to jive or hip hop which are held regularly throughout the week so you’ll be guaranteed to leave with a hangover after a night of fun!

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