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10 Places to Celebrate July Morning in Bulgaria

July Morning was initially motivated by a group of young Bulgarians wanting to protest against Communist powers and share their desire to celebrate all things that were forbidden in honour of a new beginning and a better future. Their sentiments have continued for more than 30 years with nationwide gatherings that are unique to Bulgaria. It also coincides with people meeting up, escaping the city and celebrating the beginning of the summer.

Equally inspired by rock band Uriah Heep’s July Morning, anthem, thousands of people have descended to Kamen Bryag over the years for a huge party; gathering around campfires, listening to music and generally getting involved in the party spirit to watch the sunrise together. These days, the festivities take place all across the country and here are 10 places to celebrate July Morning.

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Villa Melnik

Villa Melnik invites you to join them in welcoming the sunrise on July 1st above the vineyards. Tents are welcome on the hill behind the winery, with spectacular 360° views. Play sports and board games, as well as have a BBQ and picnic in the open and enjoy an unforgettable unset together. Dance and sing all night by the campfire.


The festival will be held on the central beach in Burgas. Once again this year the event will bring together people from different generations united by their love of music which includes mostly rock music but also some reggae.

Bedouin Forest Carnival

This festival promises 10 DJs, 15 hours of house & techno music, sound and quality sound system, dynamic stage lighting, stylized scene, unique scenery, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear air, river. Located near the village of Valevtsi, municipality of Sevlievo, it’s an eco-friendly venue with unique design and architecture in natural surroundings.


In its third year, this party is organised by Vitosha Ski and snowboarding schools with the assistance of the municipality and has a program of modern and classical rock music starting at 10pm. Transport links are available to the Lodge where the party will take place.

You can also see July Morning in the following venues:






Fichoza Beach


“The year was 1980, the place – south beach in Varna, the participants – four or five people and the idea belonged to Violin Stankovich. In the autumn most of us were about to enter the army, and this was our last carefree summer. And we use it at full speed with little sleep and lots of shenanigans. It all happened by chance and without any preparation, just Villy said: Hey do you want to spend a night on the beach and watch the sunrise in the morning? We all said YES so it all began. Then we said it would be good to came each summer on this same day. From 1980 to 1983 we had no opportunity to see each other, because we were sent as soldiers to different parts of the country to guard it against “bad imperialists who only waited a convenient time to conquer and enslave us all “. Next meeting on this occasion was 1984, then in 1985 / again on the south beach in Varna /. Only in 1986 the idea began to gain popularity and held its first event in Kamen Briag.’

(I found this quote online but with no accreditation. If anyone knows where it comes from, please let me know via the comment box below -thanks)