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10 Natural Wonders of Bulgaria

10 Natural Wonders of Bulgaria

For centuries Bulgaria has been witness to a turbulent history with many empires laying claim to the country, but with the departure of Communism, the country has since grown to embrace it’s tourism with new energy and inspiration. Visitors to this mostly unexplored Balkan heart can embrace a highly diverse selection of remarkable natural wonders of Bulgaria: from mist-shrouded mountains to ancient forests, glacial lakes and caves; immense rocks arranged by gods of folklore; and well preserved eco-systems of flora, fauna and wildlife.

Travellers who roam here will be impressed by its rich beauty and untamed nature that’s so easy to experience within its numerous UNESCO sites, nature reserves and national parks. It’s hard to beat the combination of breath-taking views and precious legends for anyone with an adventurous spirit.

Here are the natural wonders of Bulgaria you don’t want to miss on your next visit:


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